Participants just need to send an e-mail to  noting how many         
     persons and which nights they are interested to 
     book at the hotel Condesa de la Bahia. The organization 
     will manage directly with the hotel.

Given the special conditions of the island which obliges people to come by plane, the organization is planning to provide a transport system for all the participants during the meeting, (this shall include arrivals and departures, transfers to the hotels, to the meeting room, to the observatory and excursions).

In order to supply this shuttle service in an effective way, the organization shall concentrate  the lodging of the participants in a close area.
Therefore the organization recommends the participants to choose among the hotels listed herebelow,  placed in Port Alcudia on the north-eastern part of the island.

Participants are responsible for making their own hotel reservations.


The organization is negotiating an interesting offer with Hotel Condesa de la Bahia consisting of 30-40 Euro per day, including breakfast.
This hotel remains clossed during winter, thus, the booking should be made through  The organization will check the reservations before contacting with the hotel.


C./ Rossellas, 4. 07410. Puerto de Alcudia. Mallorca.
Tel: +34 971 890 119. Fax: +34 971 890 049

496 rooms. The balconies of most rooms offer stunning views of the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean.
All rooms are fully equipped with telephone, TV, mini-bar, strongbox, hairdryer and air conditioning.

In case any participant would like to choose another different hotel placed elsewhere of the island, we regret to say that this free transport service shall not be available

The organization is contemplating to provide a few free of charge accommodation for a few people. If you consider the need of such support, please contact with the meeting office

Please note that, as from May 1st 2002, the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands has established a new tax on tourism, known as 'Ecotourist tax', which amounts to 1 (one) euro per person per night. The tax is payable at the hotel, normally on arrival, and it is not included in the hotel rates or in any other Conference fee. At this time, some hotels have adopted the policy of not transferring the tax to the client, but paying for it themselves; some other hotels collect the tax, but will give the client hotel vouchers, redeemable for hotel services, to the value of the tax paid; and some others will simply charge the tax as explained above.