MACE 2003 is over !!

The second edition of MACE 2003 ended!.
First of all, the organization would like to thank all participants for their attendance and collaboration. 
The meeting was not only fruitful from the scientific point of view but also it was particularly friendy and amusing, following the style of the MACE meetings, established last year in Visnjan.

LOC and SOC members worked very hard and for a long time to accomplish such objectives, but everything succeded thanks to the eager willingness of all participants. Though, neither of us could "shrink" the bus to cross the narrow roads of Mallorca or the "turning cross" of Sencelles village,  we, all together were able to observe and send confirmation measures of 2003 JY2 = AG67211, which was a very unexpected and nice event!.

During those days we attended very interesting talks, discussions and observations, but we didn´t sleep too much, we laughed a lot, and enjoyed the typical customs and cuisine of the island, so as to keep a good memory of your stay and participation in the Mallorca MACE 2003 meeting, find herebelow some very nice pictures, and the links to all the original high resolution ones and many, many others provided by some participants.  Also the scanned article published in the local newspaper. 

Thanks to Korado, Tom, Mike, André, Vadim. Gerard and Richard for all these really beautiful images.

See you in 2004 Rome!! 
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more images of G. Faure

scanned frontpage
scanned article