Registration Fee

A registration fee of 120 Euro will be charged to all pre-inscribed participants on arrival. 

For administrative reasons, the organization needs to know the aproximative number of participants attending the meeting.  As no pre-inscription fee is required, the organization would be very grateful if the interested participants could confirm their attendance by filling the form at the end of this page and sending it by e-mail
before April 1, 2003.

This charge for registration includes lunches and dinners during the conference (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), cofee breaks, the excursions and all the suttle transports.


In order to organize a more efficient suttle service from a meeting point at the airport arrivals, 10 days before the meeting, the organization will contact all the pre-inscribed participants privately by e-mail in order to request them their airline and flight number.


Family guest(s) policy: Considering that the registration fee is basically for covering lunch, dinner, excursions and shuttles to and from the airport for all three-four days of the meeting, and that no extra charges are made for the conference room activities, family guest(s) will be charged the same regitration fee as any participant and therefore will be able to enjoy the same low rate for the hotel booking.
We would like everybody to join all the organized activities for every day, however if any family guests are not interested in joining the conferences, it would be impossible for the organization to pick them up at the hotel (30 kms far from the meeting room) for the organized lunches and dinners and therefore remaining in the hotel they will have to pay for their meals.
It is important to mention that in the same building of the meeting room there is a huge swimming pool where the sun of Mallorca can also be enjoyed ;-)

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